Book Cover The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South
Things You Didn’t Know About The South
  • Southerners are more patriotic. A 2005 survey of armed forces enlistments found Southerners twice as likely as Northerners to volunteer to defend their nation.

  • Southerners saved the world. The most important American generals and admirals in the two world wars were Southerners.

  • Southerners are more charitable. Philanthropic surveys find Southerners are generous with donations while Yankees are stingy.

  • Southerners are better looking. More than a third of Miss Americas have been from Southern states.

  • Southerners created the idea of the United States. The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and The Bill of Rights were all written by Southerners over the objections of Northerners.

  • Southerners created the coast-to-coast United States. Every single expansion of the nation came because of the actions of a Southerner over the objections of Northerners.

  • Southerners created the idea of independent women. From Colonial days Southern women operated farms, defied British and Union soldiers, doctored the sick and were accepted as equals by men.
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