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QuotesThe book [is] a valuable primer—and an enjoyable, easy-to-read one at that—for friends who are curious to know why you hold an interpretation of American history that doesn’t exactly conform to what everyone was taught in fourth grade. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South is an excellent and welcome defense of all that is good and valuable in the Southern tradition.” [read full review]

QuotesThe latest is Clint Johnson’s look at that most politically incorrect of regions in these United States: the South. As the Florida-born Johnson writes, the rest of the country often doesn't ‘always understand what deep-rooted Dixie natives know intuitively: the South is different from every other region of the nation. We know it. We are proud of it. And most of us don't want to change it. Some of us will fight to keep it from changing.’ ”

American Compass Book Club

QuotesWhat Clint Johnson wants to promote is the remembranceence of heritage. He does not mean remembering parts that we should not be so proud of and celebrating them, but the parts we should be proud of…our civility, love and caring of others, accomplishments, inventions, and other moments filled with pride.” 

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QuotesMuch like the other Politically Incorrect books in this series, this book does not dissappoint. It has many insightful facts that most people probably have no clue of and is written in a very entertaining fashion. A must read for anyone who wants to know more about the American South.

This book is amazingly pro-south without indulging in anti-north. Sure, there are a few recountings that show some real inhumanities during the invasion of the south, but a couple of minutes on Google verfies these. For the most part this book is not negative, it dwells on the many positives of living in the land of magnolia trees and Hot Toddies.”

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QuotesFear can not be banished by clinging to ignorance and that is why this book is so important. It is not written in the obtuse, stilted language of the academe. Like Paine’s ‘Common Sense’ it meets people where they are and deals not in convaluted theories but simple straight-forward facts. FACTS.

Who distilled the underlying ideas of the Declaration, The Constitution AND the Bill of Rights? Who, with the stroke of a pen and a check more than doubled the size of the country and put a foothold on the Pacific and without a drop of American blood? Who, rather than see that Constitution gutted and sold out to the interests of railroads and other big business risked all and lost all in a failed second revolution? Southernors all.”

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QuotesI found this book to be very informative and encouraging. What a challenge to traditional thinking. Also this book ought to be taught in every school to counteract the brainwashing our young people are being indoctrinated with through the public school system. Awesome!”

an Customer Review

QuotesI read this book in two days, it's that hard to walk away from! I've always suspected that there were a lot of facts about the War for Southern Independance that have been buried/banned from the rest of us. This was a highly enlightening book, easy to read, and very addicting. What's also nice is that it doesn't read like a History textbook”

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QuotesTo be a southerner, you still have to experience the roads being built all over the sacred ground of the places your ancestors gave up their lives to defend (i.e., battlegrounds where ancestors fought off the Northern Aggressor)…”

— a reader

QuotesI would like to thank you for writing such a great book. It's about time someone put the truth about our great Dixie out there. The book is awesome. Again, thank you for giving people a much needed history lesson.”

— Jolene from North Carolina
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