Custer's Division at Mount Jackson



On August 26, 1864, Union General U.S. Grant’s orders were simple:

“We want the Shenandoah Valley to remain a barren waste.”




Confederate leaders were outraged at the Union’s brazen

attacks on unarmed civilians. They looked for revenge...







Camp Douglas




Confederates wanted to free 12,000 prisoners at Camp Douglas to create an instant army for the planned Northwest Confederacy of Illinois and Indiana.





Lincoln - Johnson




When the Camp Douglas plan failed, Confederate spies planned the

disruption of Lincoln’s November 8 reelection – by setting fires in the

Union’s largest cities...








A team of eight Confederate officers assembled by the Confederate Secret Service in Canada targeted New York City. Their leaders were two Kentuckians still mourning the murder of their commander, General John Hunt Morgan.














Sympathizing and maybe collaborating with the Confederates in attacking New York City were U.S. Congressmen Fernando Wood and Benjamin Wood, and New York Governor Horatio Seymour...




Rufus Saxton





The Confederates’ weapon was Greek fire, an ancient chemical compound dating back to 672 A.C. that spontaneously ignited when exposed to air.







Their targets were 20 New York City hotels clustered along Broadway...


United States HotelFifth AvenueAstor House



Rufus Saxton





The Confederates should have waited for a dark and windy night  to start more than 100 individual fires at the Manhattan Gas Works, a camphene distillery, a turpentine distillery and a dozen lumber yards on New York City’s west side.






On November 25, 1864, New York City would have burned to the ground...







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Charles Godfrey Gunther




How New York City’s Mayor Godfrey Gunther ignored

advance warnings of the impending attack...


John Kennedy



How Police Superintendent John Kennedy saved

the city and investigated the plot...




Robert Cobb Kennedy



Why only one Confederate agent

was captured and executed...