“A master storyteller exposes one of the most fascinating and overlooked dramas in Civil War history.”

-- Rod Gragg Author of Covered With Glory and Confederate Goliath


“Using solid research, an engaging style and a novelist’s eye for details, Clint Johnson has produced a vivid, fresh and entertaining look at Jefferson Davis’s flight and capture. This book is a welcome addition to the literature on the final days of the Confederacy and the fate of its one and only chief executive.”

-- Chris Hartley Author of Stuart’s Tarheels: James B. Gordon and His North Carolina Cavalry


“If there was one Civil War historian I would choose to tell the story of Jefferson Davis, it would be Clint Johnson. In these pages, Johnson brings the mercurial Confederate President alive with a riveting and revealing narrative that sheds important new light on one of the pivotal figures in American history. Highly recommended.”

-- Marc Leepson Author of Desperate Engagement, Flag:

An American Biography, & Saving Monticello


“Clint Johnson’s Pursuit is a spellbinding tale of the last days of the Confederacy. The author’s crisp prose and solid research give readers a riveting view of Jefferson Davis’s last days in power.”

— David J. Eicher, author of The Longest Night and Dixie Betrayed



“In this meticulously researched and well-written narrative we follow the trail, the capture and finally the trial of this amazingly self-assured figure that held this most critical role in the hierarchy of the Confederacy. In describing this nearly five-week sojourn and the following two-year imprisonment, we learn a great deal about this complex, contradictory and little-known figure Jefferson Davis.”

- Reviewed by Paul Markowitz at Armchair Interviews.com


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“In his new book about the capture and imprisonment of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Pursuit (Kensington Publishing Corp.), Clint Johnson of Ashe County skillfully paints a world not that different from our own. It's a world where a leader's blind belief in his unrighteous cause aggravates his downfall, and confusion and posturing swirl about him.”

Winston-Salem Journal Editorial Page


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“Mr. Johnson has written a superb book, part adventure story, part legal treatise, all great history.”

from AMAZON.COM reader